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The three Ds to creating habits that’ll stick (3 min read)

You need these three Ds in place to create new habits and long-lasting change.

The first D is DECISION

You need to make a decision that something needs to change because without that decision, you’ve got no direction and you’ve got no momentum.

You’ve got no shape to the whole thing

The second D is DISCIPLINE

Discipline is your strategy

It’s what you need to do; the actions that you need to take


Determination is going to be the energy that enables you to fulfil the strategy

To take the actions

Because I can pretty much guarantee

That on some days, you ain’t gonna want to do it

So you need that determination

And this is why the decision is so important

Because the decision gives you a vision

It gives you that goal that you’re aiming for.

For example: I am going to get fit

(Yeah, this is one that I’m working on at the moment.)

So that’s my decision

I’m going to get fit and now I need some discipline

So I downloaded a plan with some simple and quick exercises

I decided a time of day that I was going to do them and told the missus my plan

So that then creates the discipline; the structure

So I know what I need to do and what time I need to do it

That makes it a lot easier for me to hit those markers

Because I’ve planned it and created a strategy, a really simple one, but it makes it a lot easier for me to maintain the discipline

And it’s much easier to do it in the morning. If you’ve got a morning routine, then discipline is a lot easier to create and maintain

Some days I don’t do it

But the determination keeps me on track

The determination to fulfil that original decision is the energy

It enables me to carry on; to see it through.

So these are the three Ds that you need to create habits

DECISION, make the decision

DISCIPLINE, the structure and plan

DETERMINATION is the energy that’s going to carry you through.

What are you going to change?

Keep smiling

Positive Neil