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The Secret of a Healthy Mind (3 min read)

How many thoughts a day do you reckon you have?

I bet it’s lots

The secret to a healthy mind is being able to slow your thinking down,

and then choose the direction of your thoughts

This is what I’ve learned over the last 20 years

I practice an open-eyed form of meditation that enables me to slow down my thinking and choose the direction of my thoughts.

You can still do it without, but it definitely makes the game a lot easier, because you learn to slow the mind down,

capture the thoughts,

and then choose their direction

This is so helpful because quite often we create a thought

and we end up in going in a direction that is of no use to us.

It’s just hindering us.

It’s just creating a negative vibe or negative energy,

And this energy then affects everything

We’re talking about life, relationships, and how we feel about ourselves.

Let me put it in essence…

Every problem you experience is inside your head.

Now, at first you might think that’s unfair.

You don’t want to hear that.

And the rest of it.

But the difficulty is that if we think the problem is something outside of us then we’re surrendering influence and control

By actually admitting and saying to ourselves that the problem exists because of how I’m looking at it,

It’s just the thoughts that I’m having about it which is the seed of the problem.

Which is great news because it means I can do something about it

And here’s 3 simple steps that will help you…

Step 1 is to take a deep BREATH or two or three

The oxygen will help calm the system (your brain and body) down

Step 2 is to ACCEPT the problem, the situation, the person

As soon as you accept you stop its’ influence

Step 3 is to become SOLUTION focused

All problems have solutions, you just need an open mind to find one

Good luck and enjoy the process

Problems, challenges, obstacles etc. help us grow – they’re just growing pains 🙂

Keep smiling & speak anon

Positive Neil