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I just want to share with you something that’s happened to one of my 1:2:1 clients this week.

We’ve been working together for a little bit of time.

And one of the jobs that I get clients to do is the mind dump.

And I know you’ve probably heard me talk about the mind dump, lots of times, you may have even attempted one or you may do one every week, or whatever, even one every day.

But I just wanted to really explain again, why doing the mind dump is so, so important, and why it’s so so powerful.

Your conscious mind can only be aware of one thought at a time, but you have loads of thoughts, or the things that you got to do, or the memories that you got, or the concerns and fears of the future or your responsibilities.

All of this stuff is spinning around inside your head.

And although it feels like you’re dealing with loads of thoughts at once, you’re actually only dealing with one at a time, it’s just that they’re coming so quickly that it feels like you’re thinking them all at once.

This overstimulation exhausts you, it makes you tired.

So the first thing to do is just get the thoughts, the tasks, the stuff out of your head.

Just get it down onto paper or some software like Workflowy (

And it’s free.

Don’t worry, I’m not an affiliate or anything.

Because when you write something down, it doesn’t have all the emotional attachments that you connect to each thought inside your head.

You don’t write down the emotion.

For example, there’s something you’ve got to do next week that you’re not looking forward to doing.

So it’s making you a bit anxious, but you don’t write the task down and then put in brackets – feeling anxious.

You just write it down.

And as soon as you’ve written it down, it now becomes tangible.

And then if you’ve got your weekly plan or your daily plan, you can then just get that task and move it into the plan.

So when (because you’ll carry on thinking about that thing that you’ve planned) that thought comes around and back into your mind, you can then say to the thought “It’s okay, you’re booked in for Thursday, so you can go away, I don’t need to keep thinking about that thought.”

Obviously, it goes without saying please don’t talk to yourself like this out loud and in public.

And if you do you didn’t hear the strategy from me lol.

And then that thought dissolves, it’s like it evaporates, it loses its power.

So if you’ve got a hundred thoughts spinning around your head, and you’ve written 100 things down.

That’s right, you’ve now got a load of space inside your head.

Because your mind is designed to do so much more than just think about things you’ve got to do.

Things like responsibilities, places that you’ve got to go to.

There’s a whole level of creative and strategic thinking that we don’t even manage to be able to get to because we’re so entrenched and bogged down with firefighting the stuff that we’ve got to do every day, then we feel like we’ve got no time for anything.

When in actual fact that’s not the reality.

The reality is that you’re having so many thoughts that you feel are really important that you gotta hang on to and that you don’t want to do all of these different things.

And because you’re not writing them down and structuring them and planning them and doing something with them, it just becomes this burden, this tangled-like war inside of your head.

It’s like a tangled ball of wool.

And by writing it down, it’s like you’re getting the tangled wool and you’re pulling it into a single yarn.

And then into a neat ball of wool.

So you’ve now gone from this tangled mess, like chaos into this calm, ordered and prepared state.

It’s ready now to knit a cardigan lol.

Now you are ready to do something with the ball of wool, your list of things that need doing.

And you are no longer required to keep all that stuff in your head. Ah – bliss.

So get that mind dump done and hit reply and tell me how amazing you feel 🙂

Oh before I forget back to what my one to one client has realised.

He’s realised that first, you have to create the habit of doing the mind dump on a regular basis.

When working with clients I recommend once per week. Friday is a really good day to do it so you can chill more over the weekend and then know what you have to do the following week.

It’s good to do one week at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Secondly, my client has realised that it takes time to tweak and master the mind dump whilst bringing it into the weekly planner so stuff actually gets done.

And thirdly which is the really powerful bit which inspired me to write this today, he has started to experience the power of his mind because it’s not full of the stuff that just needs doing and places he has to be and the responsibilities he has to fulfil.

He now has space for creative thinking, solution thinking and strategic thinking which is helping him so much in his business.

If through reading this you’ve started to think that you would just love to be more in control of stuff and thinking more freely and creatively then you could start working with me just hit reply and we can jump on a call to discuss.

Keep smiling and speak anon

Positive Neil

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