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Ok, Neil…


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Please: help me boost my productivity, happiness, and bottom line.


I want you to help me with it all.


Reducing stress, doing less, earning more, growing revenue, feeling more fulfilled…EVERYTHING!


I’m ready to take my mindset, productivity, and happiness to the next level.


​I have a budget and I’m ready to rock this.

If That’s All True, Go Ahead:


See what others have to say:

“My thinking has become clearer, I’ve got less problems in my life now. I would advise people to give it a go because it’s really helped… It’s hard to put a number on it, but it’s easily been worth £50,000.

“Before working with Neil, my life was completely chaotic…Now, I feel empowered.”

I don’t feel like I’m at the mercy of life anymore — even if things don’t go well — I know the habits/behaviors that serve me better now. I can’t put a price tag on this.

Oh, And Even More…

Before working with Neil, I was always tripping myself up, not doing one thing at a time. My life is 1000% better now! Me adopting this has made huge difference in my emotional well being. I can achieve things now with ease.

The mindset work that you’ve taught me has been invaluable — it’s turned things around 180 degrees for me.

I’m a lot calmer. I’m not in a frenzy — I’m not in fear, but in joy, it feels harmonious, the business feels really good…

Jump off that fence, pick up the phone and make that call with Neil.

– Bunmi Aboaba

My life before working with Neil was jumbled to say the least… Within a month of working with Neil, I was able to make a business decision that changed the whole platform of where I was at — completely changed.

I’ve got sales coming in, I’m happier, Everything seems so much clearer — I’m so much more solution driven now. The future is so much brighter because I’m able to draw on the things that we’ve worked through together.

I went from mind-mangled to mind calm.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

-Ruby Brown

Now I have the ability to regulate my emotions and be more productive in my personal life and work”

– John Cusick

I’m much more self-aware, calmer, more controlled, better balanced. Instead of putting out fires all the time, it’s a healthier week for me. It’s transferred into all parts of my life really. I’m much healthier, balanced, much more relaxed.

– Jon McComish

Hi, I’m Neil

I help 6 figure entrepreneurs and business owners get control of their time, tasks, and thoughts so they can earn more money by doing less, live a more fulfilling life, and grow their business without feeling anxious, unhappy, or frustrated.

If you’re ready to level up your business and life, take action today.

Your first (simple) step?

And Check Out Emma…

I was stuck in repetitive cycles of negative thinking…and I thought that was a part of me — who I was and that there wasn’t a way to change that…until I worked with Neil.

It positively affected my confidence and I feel much bolder and braver, and feel the future is much more positive for me now. I can not put a value figure on what this has done for me

Oh, And Let’s Not Forget These Good People…

“My life went from anxious and stressful to structured, purpose filled, and in control.  And I finally feel like there’s more meaning in where I’m going.”

Before working with Neil, I was struggling to get my online business idea off the ground. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was stuck in a perpetual “learning” mode and wasn’t making any real progress. Even though I had created a successful freelance medical writing business a few years back, another entrepreneurial adventure just seemed daunting. I had no website and no email list.

After I started the weekly coaching calls with Neil, my business partner and I finally were able to get the ball rolling. Together with Neil, we established clear, actionable goals each week and launched the website and started our email list after just a few meetings. Having someone with an outside perspective who was able to cut through the clutter of “what to do next” has been incredibly valuable.

Gaining momentum is so key in developing any business. Working with Neil has definitely provided that push in the right direction and propelled our efforts to create a sustainable online business. Neil has provided constant support and direction, and yet always stresses that the process is fluid and so goals may change. I very much look forward to our calls every week and can’t wait to see how our business grows!

– Jennifer Gregg
Atlas Writing

I was fortunate to spend a whole day being coached by Neil which was priceless.

I left with more focus, as together, we worked on a timetable that I could actually work with and not look at and feel overwhelmed. I was able to plan “me time” and family time into my weekly schedule too.

I have 3 businesses, 2 of 3 making money. Neil helped me prioritise my energy into generating more clients and profit for my core business and calculated how much I needed to live on, not just survive and used that as a motivator.

We spent part of the day writing a strategy that was actionable. I was able to get clearer direction on who my target audience are and not chase the unknown. This was a light bulb moment for me.

Not only was Neil knowledgeable, he was also a really friendly humorous guy. It was a great day spent together working on my business plans and I would highly recommend using his services!

– Althea Blake
Roots Pod Limited

Working with Neil has taken me from being confused, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence to having real clarity and confidence about my business niche, products and market.

Without Neil’s coaching I’d probably still be darting around like a headless chicken! Neil provides a great balance of support and challenge to bring the best out of me. He keeps me accountable for getting the work done which is critical as I know that when working alone, it’s easy just to put stuff off. Especially the stuff that pushes you out of your comfort zone!

As well as helping me develop a more optimistic, confident and courageous mindset, Neil also brought me valuable knowledge on sales, marketing, product formation, funnels, technical platforms and social media.

I continue to work with Neil to progress my business, he is very important part of my journey!

– Pinky Jangra

My partner and I have had the good luck to benefit from Neil’s coaching as we’re getting ready to launch our online course. Neil has a way of simplifying things, and zeroing in on the stuff that will give you forward momentum. Each week, we make tangible progress. Each week, we see results.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by an enormous project that you don’t know how to even start, do yourself a favor, and work with Neil. Neil is amazing at making you make progress, sometimes despite yourself.

– Maria Granovsky, Ph.D., J.D.

Neil’s natural ability to communicate in a manner that is positive, honest and informative, has been a really great asset to me, particularly during the last few months of immense change in my personal and work life.

I have learned so much more about the many benefits of meditation and how this can also be practiced at any time and in any situation.

His own personal knowledge of life experiences and in business has also been very productive in assisting me to look at things in a different light and also time manage to better organise my life.

Discussions are uplifting and with good humour, which of course creates a more positive approach to tackling day to day challenges that are thrown at you!

– Sue Harris

Neil is one of those people you feel instantly comfortable with and joyful around. He is down to earth, has great energy and a sincere intention to be of service to others. Knowing that we were meeting each week was comforting and something I looked forward to. I really benefited from having a weekly sounding board and for his generous sharing of his business knowledge.

I would recommend Neil for any solopreneur who needs guidance and support. Or as Neil would say, “to sort your head out”. Keep smiling Neil!

Thank you thank you thank you

– Tracey Abbot

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