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Self – Sabotage…

Sabotaging the self

Sabotaging myself

Sabotage (verb) “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something)”

It’s like I have a plan, I have a direction and yet I break it, I ruin it, I distract myself.

So there are three things that I do.

One is I explore the self-sabotage and ask myself questions like:

What is it that I’m fearful of?

What is it that I’m worried about?

What is it that I’m concerned about?

I might be self-sabotaging because I think/feel I’m not worthy for example.

So that’s my current opinion and even if it’s true of what practical use is it to me?

I have rational conversations like this with myself (not out loud and in public of course lol)

So like a scientist, I remove the emotion, because not feeling worthy is emotional.

I explore the self-sabotage, like a lawyer or a scientist and I start to play devil’s advocate with myself.

And then it weakens.

I realise I have no solid case to put forward and the seed of the self-sabotage starts to dissolve.

So that’s one tactic and strategy.

The second is that every day is a clean sheet.

So if I did self-sabotage myself today; I made things more difficult than they needed to be.

And tomorrow morning, it’s a clean slate, and I go again.

It’s just like a boxer getting knocked to the floor, I just keep getting up.

Okay, because I want to win this game, I want to win this fight.

I’m not gonna let what happened yesterday, or 10 years ago, or last year, affect who I am now, and what I’m going to create for the future.

So I wipe the slate clean.

And there’s the third method.

Which is: have a plan and take the action.

When you’ve got a plan and you take the action, it doesn’t matter how you feel.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel good or bad or because this is quite often where the self-sabotage comes into the mind.

We start to measure things by how we feel. Whereas that’s an inaccurate gauge.

For example, if you’ve got a job.

You don’t call work and say “I’m not really feeling it today. So I’m not going to come in.”

Yeah that job ain’t gonna last long.

And your life is the same kind of thing.

You want to make positive progress all year.

And even if you don’t really feel like it.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter if you feel bad, it doesn’t matter.

If you feel down or sad, you just look at what small action you can take, that’s going to move you forward.

Even if it’s a real simple one, even if it’s just going for a walk.

Drink some water.

Have a stretch.


Getting back to the basics.

Sit down, do some journaling, read a positive book, listen to a positive podcast.

You just need something to distract/disrupt your mind and take it into a more positive direction.

That’s why I send you these newsletters.

Why I run the Good Thinking Club and coach people 1:2:1.

Self-sabotage is you’re just stuck in that moment of a negative

Everything resides in the mind.

You have a glass is half full or half empty, it’s the same image.

So when we’re self-sabotaging, or we’re talking to ourselves negatively, it’s just our perception at that moment.

So if we can disrupt that and change it and move into a new direction it will all change.

Just try and disrupt your current state of mind where you think it might not be achievable, it might be difficult, it might be negative, and try and disrupt it and give it a boost to take it in a more positive direction.

So these are three ways to master that inner dialogue and self-sabotage.

Hope it helps in some way & good luck with it all.

Keep smiling & speak anon

Positive Neil

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