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If you’ve got time to think, you’ve got time to change (2 min read)

So if ever you’re thinking “I haven’t got time to change”

That thought itself could have been a thought of change like “I am peaceful”

You may even have the thought “I’m really stressed out” and again if you have the time for that thought you can create a thought that will give you an opposite experience

Instead of that thought it could have been “I am peaceful”

“That person is doing my head in” Instead of that “I am peaceful”

You get the idea

So the more you can bring a good thought into your mind two things happen…

  1. you move into the experience of the thought, and
  2. you create a habit, a habitual thought

You do it again; you’re creating the habit and you’re moving into the experience of it

Hey, don’t think you can’t do this!

Don’t think you haven’t got time to do it!

Don’t think you’re sooo stressed out you can’t do it!

Because whatever thought you’re having, you can replace that with an “I am peaceful”

And yeah, it will feel like sometimes it’s not having any effect

But it’s understanding that it’s like a money box

Every time you put a coin in, you think it’s only a coin of not much value, it’s not adding up to much

And then one day the money box is full,

And there could be quite a few quid in there

So it’s the same with these powerful positive thoughts

The more often you have them, you may not see the outcome, you may not see the result

But the more you’re doing it, TRUST ME, you are creating a habit.

You are creating a neural pathway, and you’re more likely to be able to move into that experience

START NOW“I am peaceful” (a tip here is to think it like you mean it 🙂

Keep smiling & speak anon

Positive Neil