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If there is something that’s holding you back (3 min read)

And it’s knocking your confidence

You’re getting frustrated because you’re not getting the results that you want

I’d like you to think about the problem/challenge/scenario a little differently

Let’s explore what is actually the main issue

The main issue every single time (and it’s the same for all of us) is what you’re thinking

It’s what you’re saying to yourself

Everything that you interpret in the world has come from your thinking

And this is good news, right?

Because if everything, all your problems or the old blocks, all your frustrations, all your challenges are all inside your mind

The greatest news about this is that you can change that

And you can change it, for example with a meditation practice at the root level; in the subconscious

But what you also need is your practical self-talk

How you talk to yourself

So if you’ve identified something as a block, immediately, you want to start saying to yourself, that it’s not a block, right?

Even though it still is…

What will happen is that you then start to create a different way of thinking about it

It’s your emotion about it that clouds your judgement

So if you can reduce the emotion, then you can start to move into a logical and solution-focused way of thinking

Because that is the required thinking for overcoming challenges, problems and puzzles

One of the tools I teach in the Good Thinking Club is the Want Formula

Which works on the basis that everything that causes you a problem is because you want it to be different from how it actually is

The first step is to accept the situation/person/habit how it is now and then it’s easier to start to find the solution

Sometimes you have to talk to yourself with authority like “Get on with it, just do it. Stop whinging. Just get it done.”

And then other times you’ve got to put an arm around yourself (not literally lol)

And speak to yourself like –  “Come on, you’re doing so well. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about what others think. Don’t worry about that. You messed up today. Yeah, there’s a new day tomorrow.”

You’ve got to get that balance between the two

The balance of love and law, the balance of master and child

And this is what you have to work out for yourself

There’s no hard and fast answer and way of doing it

You have to work it out, right?

In one moment, you give yourself the stick

You need to be firm with yourself and just tell yourself to get on with it because it needs to be done

And then another day,

Give yourself a carrot

Be a little bit nicer to yourself. Be more encouraging

And the trick is to get that balance between the two

But take ownership of your challenges

They are inside your mind

And I’m not saying this to trivialise your challenges

I’m not…

I’m just saying the truth.

Everything’s how you perceive it.

Change your perception, over time the challenge changes.

And I can talk from the heart. I’ve done it and I’m doing it.

This is how you learn to master your mind and ultimately, master your life!

Keep smiling & speak anon

Positive Neil