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Hiya my name is Neil

I help people sort their heads out and get unstuck by overcoming internal blocks, taking action and fulfilling their true potential by coaching & online training.

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Creating a stock of power (2 min read)

Creating a stock of power (2 min read)

The trick to dealing with the challenges of life and things beyond your control is to create a stock of power How you do this is by meditating on a daily basis So many people start to practice meditation and they feel better... And then they stop So they've powered...


The Good Thinking Club is a self-mastery online membership full of training and inspiration and a wonderful community of like-minded people

If you feel like you want to change things up in your life and start taking some serious and positive action then you’ll want to check it out at

I’ll help you develop excellent healthy daily habits to give you a solid foundation for every day

Then it’s the mastering of your time and tasks so you are more productive and to improve your performance 

Then we get onto the juicy stuff of mastering your thoughts so you will become more resilient, positive and less influenced by what’s going on around you. Plus your decision making will improve and you’ll feel happier and more at peace with yourself

I know this stuff works because I’ve been using and teaching it for 20 years now and it’s helped me go from a crack head to mindset coaching business

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