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The trick to dealing with the challenges of life and things beyond your control is to create a stock of power

How you do this is by meditating on a daily basis

So many people start to practice meditation and they feel better…

And then they stop

So they’ve powered their battery up

Then they stop powering it

You wouldn’t charge your phone up and then not charge it again, would you?

You charge it to full capacity

Then use it the next day

So you charge, you deplete

And then you need to recharge again

And so on

So that’s what is happening with a meditation practice

You’re plugging in and recharging

So you need a daily charge up

And the more that you do it

The more often you do it

The deeper that you go into it, the more of a power charge you can have

The more power you’ve got, the more adaptable you are and the easier it is to find strategies and solutions on how to deal with challenges in your life

Keep smiling & speak anon

Positive Neil

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